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Our Servers:

Land oF Tech

This is our sever with tradition of having the best tech tracks in world, every track added is checked for it's quality and memory size.
Server up-time is about 23h a day.

Mini Mania

Our server for anyone, it contains mini tech and fullspeed tracks friendly both for skilled and newbie drivers.
Server up-time is about 23h a day.

In order to everybody have fun these are the rules that must be respected by all:

1.Every insult will result a kick or ban, depending on weight of insult, of player which insults.

2.If the player insults someone repeatedly, he will get on blacklist.

3.Using bad words is restricted by Bad Words Bot, if a bad word is not in bad word bot the admin has the right to sanction player writing it in chat.

4.Spamming results ignore of spammer, and if he does it again he'll get a ban.

5.Caps Lock is forbidden.

6.If you are a foreign player speak english.

7.Cheating is Forbidden also, and results an immediate blacklist.

8.Admins have the right to punish someone if they estimate that punishment is needed.

9.If you don't like the rules, don't play on our server.

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